DJ D on the decks "D was ahead of her time, staying up late at night using her sister's cassette recorder to make mix tapes ("go the cassingles!")"
(Muma, 2003)

DJ D always worked at hittin all the bases rather than being pigeon-holed into one type of DJ - Turntablist, Club DJ, Radio DJ, & Mixtape DJ.

"I wanted to do it all - I spent many a late night workin towards being the best club dj, turntablist, radio & mixtape dj I could be. That goes back to my 7yr old self makin tape to tape mixtapes in my sisters bedroom while she went clubbin, eagerly awaitin it's first public play at near full volume in my dad's XD falcon tape deck cruisin down the streets of Marrickville in the 80s & 90s" (DJ D, 2019)

These early beginnings made way for DJ D to later become the official mixtape DJ for KCI & JoJo's Jodeci tour 2004,  Montell Jordans This is how we do it tour 2005, Blackstreet tour 2015, 112 tour mixtape, & the Aussie by Nature (Naughty by Nature) tour 2015.

Other notable mixtapes include DJ D's tour mixtapes including the Middle East tour 2004-2005, Prague tour 2007, Malaysia tour 2008-2009, Sydney's Original Spinsisters (SOS), Low n Slow (2013), TLEE mixtape (2014), & Clubworld 360's - The 360 DJ project (2016).

Some of these mixtapes are featured below. You can check out more at the official DJ D soundcloud page & mixcloud