DJ D on the decks DJ D - feature in The Secret Life Of Angel TSLOA 2013

Article Title: DJ in focus DJ D
Written by: MC Angel
Country of Publication: Australia

Year: 2012

Name: DJ D
Genre: Urban, rnb & hip hop, old skool, party jamz, commercial, mash up
Number of years on the Decks: Professionally since 98, private parties for over 24yrs
Any Mixtapes: Official Mixtape DJ for: *Kci & Jojo Jodeci tour 2005 & *Montell Jordan tour 2005 Other mixes are featured on Mixxbosses Radio Australia Wed nights 7-9pm LIVE on First gig: A 21st party at the age of 10 yrs, nuttin but vinyl, cassingles, & a lot of balloon fights :)

How did you learn the art: Fascination of vinyl got me hooked at an early age. From there it was a lot of experimentation, saving lunch money to buy vinyl, and making mixtapes with vinyl & cassettes. I also learnt a lot watching worldwide DMC competitions from the 80's & 90's, and of course practice, practice, practice morning noon & night!

Sending much luv to all those that have lent a helping hand over the years, y'all know who you are xx

Special shout out to my sponsors & affiliates Chica Jeans, Mista Tee, Loyalty IV Life, Mint Condition, Juggernaut Systems, Platinum design, Clubworld 360, Black steps, & the entire Mixxbosses worldwide network.

Do you practice at home: Yes :) I have a home studio with a 4 deck set up (also known as Mixxbosses HQ) along with all my vinyl that I've been collecting since the age of 5.

Apart from jams & making mixtapes with other DJs/turntablists, I also record and produce tracks and radio promos from here, and conduct national & international interviews for

Your favourite type of music: Old skool west coast/east coast, & all the classic lowrider funk tracks that they've sampled, plus of course 90's hip hop & rnb..

Your favourite track of all time: Knee Deep - Funkadelic

Your favourite artist of all time: It's really a toss up between these cats: Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Warren G, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Mary J Blige, Jodeci, & Blackstreet are definitely up there too.

Favourite gig: In so many years it's really is too hard to choose just one. I guess the favourites would have to be the international tours & support for international artists.

Some memorable tours have included the Middle East in 2004 (returning in 2012), the Czech Republic in 2006 & 2007, Malaysia in 2008 & 2009 respectively.

Memorable supports have included Eminem’s Green Lantern 2003, Bel Biv Devoes Ricky Bell 2003, Naughty by Nature 2003 and 2007, KCI & JoJos Jodeci tour 2005, Montell Jordan 2005 and 2006, Afrika Islam 2005, Savage 2006, Horace Brown 2006, Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre's DJ Jam 2008, & Tank 2009.

Career Highlight: Being one of the first females to cut it up with the big guns of the industry on the local, national & international circuits, in many cases taking the title of being the first female dj to perform in that space, and in some instances that country.

In terms of turntablism, probably the most notable is placing 8th in Australia in the Technics DMC Championships in 2005 as the only female competitor.

You can check the footage at

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing: I just can't go past the old skool. I know the younger gens are feeling the new uptempo jamz that have been coming out for the past year or two, and yes you will hear me drop these commercial uptempo tracks in my sets. Even after all these years I just can't go past the classic party jamz - those tracks that make you go 'ahhhh :)' when you hear them, takin you to back.. back into time :)

What can the people expect to hear from your set: Your guess is as good as mine! I never pre-plan my sets, for me it is all about playing to the crowd. Having played different venues and events weekly for so long means that the crowds I play for are always different, so my sets are never really the same. What I play is really defined by what the DJ plays before me, plus what that crowd is vibing to at the time, not to mention the time slot I've been booked in for.

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): To be totally honest I don't have one! I guess the best I can say is if the crowd was to thin I'd probably go commercial or classic.

What's hot for you right now: Diggin through my vinyl and finding all those classic jams that you just don't hear anymore..

Radio Show: I've had a lot of radio experience in my time, having appeared on stations like 2day FM, 2SER, OzStereo, Radio2RDJ, Oxford FM (UK), Express Radio (Prague), Street Vibes (Germany) & more.

At present you can tune in to DJ D Radio online 24-7 coming soon to

PLUS Mixxbosses Radio Australia Wed nights from 7-9pm LIVE on

Other Mixxbosses affiliated shows include:
Mint Condition Radio Monday nights from 7-9pm LIVE on
Soul D'Lite Radio Wed nights from 9-11pm LIVE on
Mixxcity Radio Fri nights from 7-9pm LIVE on
Mixxbosses Radio Germany Street Vibes Tune in at
Places the people can catch you: Gigging at new and different joints every single week!
Deejay Diana
DJ D fan page DJ78D
Website: The Official website DJ D I
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