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Article Title:In Da Mix
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Year: 2003

OK so it was about time we rep'd da ladies of Sydney. Yep, our hip-hop scene might be small, but we still got some fine ass 'muma's doing their thing. Being a woman is not easy (believe me!) especially in a male-dominated industry. We all know Missy Elliot paved the way for us proving that you don't need to suck like Lil Kim or show skin like a video hoochie in order to be known in urban music. It's a cutthroat industry where class and talent will get you further than a nice ass. Although, I'll admit it, in the entertainment industry it always helps to have a bit of both.

These two ladies are classic examples. Beautiful, talented and hungry for success. There has been a serious lack of female representation in Australian hip-hop for over a decade now, from Promoters to Artists and ofcourse DJs. Well not anymore. DJ D and DJ Tee have this shit on lock. So since it's our style to ask the men whom they want to screw- why should we treat the women any different? Yeah this isn't a MUMA quickie, this is a MUMA orgy damn it. With 2 of the finest women in Australian hip-hop, we proudly present to you THE LAY-D-TEE TRILOGY (Intro, Interview, Orgy).



Tee's story begins while she was on a trip to Toronto. After becoming friends with T-dot Battle Deejay- DJ Labo, she was inspired to find out more about mixing. Upon arriving back to Australia, Tee realised she knew nothing about equipment or how to use it! However, she describes it as "weird coincidences (that) led me to the right places". That 'right place' was Anthem Records and the right person was well-known Sydney DJ Peter Gunz. After a few guest spots at the biggest clubs in Sydney, including the Mothership Olympic Party, Tee got her first residency at Cave in 2000.

D (Pictured above)
Miss DJ D, on the other hand, had her first live gig at the wee age of 11 playing at a 21st birthday party! D was always ahead of her time, staying up late at night and using her sister's cassette recorder to make mix tapes ("go the cassingles!") After discovering vinyl in her early teen years, D began experimenting scratching on direct drive turntables. As she explains of her experience, "I'll never get over ruining my copy of 'say no go' by de la soul - but the sounds I got out of that thing were great!


DJ TEE (Pictured right)
Best and worst part about being a female in this industry…

Worst about being a girl, is that some people underestimate us & think they can take advantage of us business wise. Best thing, is when you make the crowd scream, and they look up to see who the DJ is, only to find it's a girl!

Do you find that many of your male counter parts treat you differently?
Most of the guys I've encountered are very gentlemanly & supportive & helpful.

What else do you do in your spare-time?

Where do you see yourself in the near future?
Playing at more Sydney as well as interstate...hopefully one day International


Best and worst part about being a female in this industry…
Good question. Best part is by far being able to do what you love and getting the utmost satisfaction out of doing it - the satisfaction is that much sweeter when you've worked harder for it. The worst part would have to be cleaning up silly boys that get into fights; I've cleaned up 2 in the last 3 weeks with severe facial injuries, and as a result have been dubbed the 'mother teresa' of the clubs - he he

Do you find that many of your male counter parts treat you differently?
Initially yes. But these days I'm feeling more like 'one of the boys'. In the early days it was really hard, not only to break into the scene, but hard to gain respect prior to playing. I was warned of this by one of my mentors and it became my main inspiration to really work up my skills behind the decks. Although I was receiving club gig offers quite early in the game, I chose to refuse them until I felt my skills were a little better than average. I stuck to the private parties to work my crowd-pleasing skills and eventually played my first gig in the club scene with great response. I still remember having 8 guys crowding around the decks at the end of my gig watching me give a private demo on scratching hearing them say 'Sh** I ain't never seen a girl scratch that hard before!'. That was more than enough fuel for my fire.

What else do you do in your spare-time?
Don't get much spare time as I juggle the equivalent of 3 jobs - I'm a full time tafe teacher in graphic + web design + have been teaching since end of 98 beginning of 99. I also started up my own business in the field of web + graphic design (now called Platinum design) when I was 16 going on 17, which is alive + well today. Aside from this you'll find me on the decks practising my scratching + juggling techniques wherever possible. I've also been heavily involved in online radio + a television program on Channel 31 - yup that's right, I don't get much sleep...

Where do you see yourself in the near future?
Near future I think you'll see me more heavily involved in the Sydney club scene, and shortly there after pursuing a mini world tour which is already in the works.

How does it feel to be one of the first DJs on the scene and repping for the rest of the ladies? Is it hard setting such a standard and breaking stereotypes?

...all those sleepless nights (+ early mornings), heavy 40 + 40 kilo record boxes, long flights of stairs, multi- long road trips in short weekends, all those km's travelled, all those barriers that I've faced coming up, silly politics, all nighters in the studio, tiredness + exhaustion... it's all worth it, and in a strange way kinda fun, when you know that you're not only doing something that you've always dreamed about, but that you're inspiring a whole new generation of ladies + fellas coming up in the scene. I really enjoy teaching others and sharing the knowledge that I have gained throughout my journey. It's my way of putting something back into the scene. Although I have had many sessions with many djs, I have a special interest in encouraging the ladies - as I feel their journey is that much harder - not only because of the extra barriers + stereotypes that we have to face, but because generally we can be a little more sensitive and sometimes even vulnerable. It might just take one negative comment from someone to make a girl, or even guy for that matter, stop and question whether it is really worth going on. To that I say -'Keep it comin' + keep pushing until you're the best you can be. Once you have achieved all that you are worth, is when you can rest.

Oops, we mean orgy. MUMA, Tee and D!

Hottest Sydney Male DJ:
Musically wise...there are more than a few that are very hot, each with different skillz. Long list...I guess you can start with...Peter Gunz, Moto, Leon Smith, Eko, Demo, Tikelz, Edo, Carl Alley, Stanley...oh, and also Dj Manny & Dj Qrius - yep they got skills! Dj Mizzy is the hottest up and coming dj around!(watch out y'all)
D: Impossible for me to stick to just one... I've got to give it up for my favourite ChiefRockers Nino Brown + Samrai; + my boys DJ Solz, NassaT, Sid.

Artist you'd most like to sleep with:
Dj MIzzy
D: "Don't wanna be a playa no more" No sleeping around for the D although I give props to many of the boys out there doing they're thang.

Can you make a housewife a hoe?
Tha hell??
D: Anything is possible

Favourite female in hip-hop?
Missy & Eve
D: Missy Elliot hands down.

Your real name?
Don't worry bout it
D: Diana, just can't avoid the princess dubs (even though it's killin me!)

Ok describe the Sydney scene in 5 words or less:
More like NY every week.
D: Diverse, multicultural, fun, loud, neverending!

Celebrity you'd most like to meet:
Theres 2 many!! Dre, Justin, Eve, Missy, Neptunes, Premier, Q bert, Stevie Wonder, Jodeci, Russell Simmons, ....
D: Will Smith - after seeing Jazzy who was an inspiration to me in the early days it's the next one on the list. Also my all time fave Ice Cube.

Tee's Favourite Gigs:
I don't know....I like practically all of them! I love under 18's! (They appreciate the music more, and they're out to have a good time instead of just "looking cool") Gas, Crush, Clubjoints, & Set it off when it started- they go craaazy! Melbourne is great to play at as well (they have huuuuge crowds) - Brooklyn @ Next Blue, Stereo @ Next Blue, Mothership @ Mercury Lounge But at Sydney Clubs the music is more advanced and people know how to dance! Fat @ Gas, Giddy Up @ Daintree, Da Joint @ Daintree, Da Lounge @ Cave, Mocha @ Hunter

D's Favourite Gigs:
Probably recently playing at the Green Lantern after party at Mothership Canberra. Everyone in that room went totally nuts including me! (If you haven't been to one of my gigs lately, expect lots of smiles, lots of bounce, turntablist tricks, DJ D giveaways, + D jumping up on the nearest table to boogie on down with the crowd..)

TEE's Thank-you's: Holla at your peeps
T.O. for showing me how hip-hop lives Dj Labo, Peter Gunz, Dj Moto & YFC for all your inspiration and advice. Joe Sitoa for introducing me to Peter Gunz Everyone in the scene that have been cool & supportive: Dj Dee, Eko, Uncle Abe, Earl, Edo, Stanley, Shorty, My family and extended family: All stars, Ed and da gang; Suhana & Jeff, Tsarina, Ana, Kay, Eleni, my friends that support me & All the people that believe in me (especially Dj Mizzy).

D's Thank-you's: Holla at your peeps
Holla Holla! + much luv to the DJ D crew for helping me out at my gigs, the ChiefRockers Nino + Samrai for sharing their skills with me + for helping make the scene what it is today, Nassa T @ Mint Condition for hooking me up with all the dope ish, the crew @ AnthemRecords / Central Station Records / Reefer, all of my international affiliates, all the promotors around Aus that have given me the chance to do my thang esp DJ Chad, Anush, Daz, Maka + the rest of the cbr crew; the GraftNArts + Cairns crew, my peeps at Punchies, the oldskool Lotel crew, Jamie + the XXL, Madame Events, Parksyde Entertainment, Villagra Music, Merivale + Establishment crew, Rod @ Ocean Grooves, DJ Finesse @ Urban Lush, the Fat crew @ Gas, + all those club/media promotors that have shown me luv. Much respect to all those people that have supported me at my gigs by shakin their booties all night long - y'all rock my world. Keep it comin.

For more on D, check out:

Look out for DJ Tee at the MUMA Launch party! (Yep we said PARTY!) November 28th at the Innc Bar in Sydney…join the DAMN MAILING LIST to receive your guestlist entry! (*Limited so be quick)

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