Steelo Magazine cover DJ D - feature in Hot Ashes 2001

Article Title:DJ Profilez
Written by: Unknown
Location of Publication: Worldwide
Year: 2001

General Info
DJ Name: D
Real Name: Diana
Date of Birth: 16/03/78
Contact Number: -
Email Address:
Location: Sydney

DJ-ing Music Type: R&B, Hip-Hop

When did you start DJ-ing? 1988

Why DJ-ing?
Luv of music / vinyl / turntables. Also to give the scene a new female flava.

First Gig:
Sister's 21st.

What do you love about DJ-ing?
Making someone's night + hearing the crowd go "oh!" when you play their fav tunes.

What do you hate about DJ-ing?
Carrying heavy boxes ;(

What are your ambitions in life?
To create a mix cd combining my singing + djing talents; tour the world playing my stuff.

Do you find people treat you differently when you tell them you're a DJ? Eg. girls find you more attractive:
Girls finding me more attractive??? um... Well being a female it's hard to earn respect; most guys think i'm either the "dj's girlfriend" or trying to pick them up. But the best revenge is seeing their mouths drop when I get up on the decks ;)

If there was a gig at Bondi beach and they asked you to play with one condition - you only wear underwear. Would you do it?
Probably; would be just like wearing swimmers anyway!

A problem with parties and clubs, that is now starting to arise, is repetition of music. How do you suppose organisers prevent such a problem?
They don't! I guess they could either select dj's with different styles or create longer sets with less dj's.

What do you think about Bhangra / R&B / Dance (which ever one represents your music type) music in Australia, in comparison to other countries such as the US / UK?
R&B is definately growing in aus, but I still see so much talent going to waste as it is so hard to really make it here, as compared to the US. I'd like to see that change and am trying to get the ball rolling.

Other Questions As @ December 2001
Fave gig you ever played at:
13th bday party - man they went off!

Who would you like to meet?
Will Smith

Who is the most famous person you have met?
Heaps - Maurice Green, Dream Team, Prince Alfred, LV, Coolio...

Being one of the first females to create a mix cd / hit the clubs. Starting my own design business, teaching, performing [singing] plus many many more...

Finally... Any last words?
Hope to see y'all out there in the clubs ;) Keep that R&B vibe alive... look out for 1200 degrees coming soon...

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