Steelo Magazine cover DJ D - feature in Groove On 2002

Article Title:Interview: DJ D - Sydney's female r&b hip hop dj
Written by: Unknown
Location of Publication: Worldwide
Year: 2002

DJ D - SYDNEY's female r&b hip hop dj

DJ D live at Mothersip 2002

How long have you been Djing for?
2 years professional, 11 years unprofessionally!

What was your first gig & how did you go?
My sister's 21st birthday, @ the age of 10 with one turntable + heaps of cassingles! I think I must have been the youngest ever female dj! it was a hit...

What is your style? R&B /Hip Hop

What's your memorable moment?
I've had heaps of them, but at the moment the one that stands out from the rest would be djing at Mothership Canberra to a crowd of over 900 people. Surprisingly enough those canberrians go off! A HUGE HOLLA to all the act Mothership Dj's including Anush, Mocha, Draz, Chad, Daz; + much luv to all the Sydney crew who came up to support me Karolina, Marc, Shai, Reggie, Henry, Tracy, Divya, Matt, Tom, George, + all y'all just for being there!

What track is a guaranteed floor clearer?
The Sound of Music - original mix. however the dj D remix goes off! ;P

What are your future plans?
To start incorporating my singing + originals into my dj sets, + also hooking up some really good overseas gigs [have already had interest from a couple of US contacts].

Any interesting stories to tell?
Djing alongside drag queens in wedding dresses, ticked off naked female fatograms, meeting all sorts of celebs, + hanging out with australia's top dj's..... nah, no interesting stories to tell ... PSYCH! just kidding! Every night as a dj reveals a new + exciting experience to be remembered. Too many to be included in this profile...

What do you do outside djing?
Graphic/web designer + TAFE teacher

What are your current/past gigs?
Lotel every Wednesday night, Iguana bar every sat night, Sundae @ Lizard Lounge on Sunday nights every three weeks, Sunday once a month @ Off Broadway Hotel, plus heaps of private gigs and guest spots - Soulfood, Mothership to name a couple.

What are your Top 10 favourite tracks?
1. Be Faithful / Fatman Scoop feat Faith Evans
2. Party up / DMX
3. Ante Up /
4. Livin it up / Ja Rule
5. next Episode / Snoop
6. RR Anthem / DMX
7. We be clubbin / Cube - next episode rmx
8. bad boy 4 lyf / pdiddy
9. Can I kick it? / Tribe Called Quest
10. Rendevous / Craig David Blacksmih remix - only because it contains my favourite R59 Royce sample...

Anything further to add?
A HUGE HOLLA HOLLA TO Jon + Chris @ GROOVE ON - keep groovin! + MUCH LUV TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ME THUS FAR, it was hard in the beginning trying to kick it as a female, but the tables seem to be turning.

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