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Location of Publication: online
Year: 2020
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The Australian National DMC DJ Championships has been going strong for over 30 years and it’s highly regarded in the industry as the Olympics of the DJ World.

In light of the current pandemic, the 2020 Australian DMC DJ Championships went online with four competition dates that ran on Facebook Live throughout September and October. Being online for the first time in the history of the competition meant any DJ from any remote location in Australia was able to compete and as a result we saw many entrants that had not entered before. It was great to see many new faces enter the competition for the first time!

When we announced the event was going online it had many previous competitors feeling a bit uncomfortable as they were all used to being on stage performing in front of a crowd. However, a few realized the advantages of a pre recorded set at the comfort of their home and went in blazing.

The competitors were required to initially submit a 2 minute video for the eliminations, as only top 10 was to advance to the National Finals. Many took advantage of the lockdowns to practice day and night. 2 minutes was not much time but a quick show of skills level was all that was required to advance to the finals.

Our hosts for the Facebook Live Streams were : I-Dee (DMC Online World Champ), Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners), Osyris (2 X Australian DMC Champ) and Lee Vixen (DMC Australia). The first live stream (Eliminations first round) featured performances from Skratcher Sydney and our 3 X NSW champ DJ Cost + P.Smurf. Eliminations first round competitors were : Mizhap (WA), Hob G (SA), Old Mate from Pirie (SA), Zah (NSW), Jewlz (VIC), Seb One (NSW), Clear Cut (NSW), and N.A.T (VIC).

djs united article 2020

Our second stream featured Asian Hawk (6 X UK DJ Champ), 3 X WA DMC DJ Champ Bace Cadet + MC Shadow and DJ ASK showcase on the Technics 1210 Mk7 Turntables. Eliminations round 2 competitors were: Max Best (TAS), Cuts Anger Bliss (VIC), DJ MAD (TAS), DJ D (NSW), Kidream (NSW), Snopea (NSW), J RED (VIC), Deezkutz (NSW), and Yoshidog (QLD).

Our eliminations judging panel was : I-Dee (DMC Online World Champ), Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners), Osyris (2 X Australian DMC DJ Champ), Spell (DMC Online World Champ), Subway (Australasian IDA Scratch Champ), Skizo (Aust DMC Champ + DMC Italy Branch Manager), ASK (2 X Australian DMC DJ Champ).

DJ I-Dee announced the top 10 after all video submissions were played. The final top 10 that proceeded to the National Finals were : Mizhap, DJ D, Ole Mate from Pirie, Jewlz, N.A.T, Yoshidog, Clear Cut, Zah, Max Best, and J Red. These competitors then had 3 weeks to put together their 4min set for the National Finals.

Our third stream featured Jon1st (UK – Online DMC World Champ). Being the International Pioneer Ambassador who was involved with the S11 project, we took the opportunity talk to him about the S11 Mixer and it’s revolutionary features. Matt from Pioneer Australia also joined the chat. Skratcher Sydney came in once again to perform and gave the mixer a bit of a first look / test run.

djs united article 2020
The National Finalist videos were then played in the order of their eliminations placing : Mizhap (WA), DJ D (NSW), Ole Mate from Pirie (SA), Jewlz (VIC), N.A.T (VIC), Yoshidog (QLD), Clear Cut (NSW), Zah (NSW), Max Best (TAS), J Red (VIC), and then the defending champ Wallzee (VIC).

Being online, the judges had the advantage of taking their time to look at the competitor videos several times before deciding. They all had a week to decide their scores, which meant no trick or technique could have been overlooked which sometimes happen in a live environment.

National Finals Judges were : I-Dee (DMC Online World Champ), Total Eclipse (Executioners / ITF World Champ), Osyris (2 X Aust DMC DJ Champ), D Style (Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies), ShortKut (Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies), Jon 1st (DMC Online World Champ), Asian Hawke (6 X UK DJ Champ).

Judges voted their top 3 with 1st given 3points, 2nd given 2 points, and 3rd given 1 point. Pioneer DJ Australia also reviewed all the videos to decide who they will give the 12 month endorsement to as part of their sponsorship deal.

On Sunday 25th October, it was time for the Winner Announcements. This final stream featured international guests live from New York: Grandwizard Theodore (Inventor of the scratch) and Mr Freeze (Rock Steady Crew) who gave us a bit of a history lesson on how the culture all started in the Bronx and evolved. We then turned the attention to our own backyard and had a discussion with our pioneers in Australia. Our guests were Rosano from Sound Unlimited and Mistry from Bretheren. K-Sera from 96.1FM also joined I-dee and co-hosted the interviews.

djs united article 2020
We then showcased the 4 elements with a B Boy battle from Destructive steps, MC Cypher with various Sydney MC’s, and Mistry painting a live graffiti piece dedicated to Grandwizard Theodore.

Then it was finally time and we announced the winners of the 2020 Australian DMC DJ Championships !!

DJ D (NSW) took the endorsement deal from pioneer dj australia. 4th Place was Max Best (TAS), 3rd Place a tie with Yoshidog (QLD) and Ol Mate from Pirie (SA), 2nd Place J Red (VIC) and the overall winner was the defending champ Wallzee (VIC).

djs united article 2020

We would like to congratulate Wallzee for his back to back win and wish him the best of luck at the World Finals.

If you missed the live streams, you can re watch them on our facebook page:
First stream (Eliminations 1st round) : https://www.facebook.com/466966783349548/videos/1018059945272667
Second stream (Eliminations 2nd round) : https://www.facebook.com/466966783349548/videos/1734321286743944
Third stream (National Finals) : https://www.facebook.com/466966783349548/videos/815544449182087
Fourth stream (Final Results Announcements) : https://www.facebook.com/466966783349548/videos/756273868567845

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