Steelo Magazine cover DJ D - feature in BMA 2002

Article Title:Designer DJ
Issue: BMA Issue 151
Written by: Shani Langi
Location of Publication: Canberra
Year: 2002

Graphic design and TAFE teacher by day, DJ D doesn't have a lot of spare time on her hands/ Nevertheless, she makes plenty of time to mix it up with the big guns of r&b.

Despite the possible hindrance due to obvious gender issues, DJ D has emerged as one of the most talked about r&b DJs in Sydney. D's passion for the decks began at the wee age of 11 when she started experimenting with sounds and song selection. Now, in her second year as a pro she is reveling in her accomplishments.

"Being a female in such a male dominated profession has been really hard," she said. "Most of the time I'm not taken seriously until I get up and show my skills. At last year's DJ expo, most people thought I was standing there as a DJ's girlfriend and were very surprised when I actually got behind the decks. Then I saw some jaws drop."

In Sydney, D has a weekly residency at Lotel (where he set falls in between her singing gig) but for a long time, she consciously avoided a club post.

"It's especially important for me to be skilled. I chose not to play clubs until I'd built my skill level because of expectations associated with female DJs," she said. "Originally I wanted to train for the DMC Championships but now smooth progression and crowd pleasing is more important to me. I really enjoy the challenge of captivating a crowd because when they're responsive, it's really rewarding."

D doesn't mine people knowing she's had a helping hand from one of Australia's premier urban Djs, Nino Brown, but says the suggestion he may be the reason for her success is far from the truth.

"(laughing) ...that just makes me laugh. I had a few lessons with Nino, he helped me with a lot of tricks and beat mixing. Nino did play an essental role and he's been really helpful but I don't want people thinking he made me. I spend one or two hours a day practicing and promoting myself, I really work hard at it."

So what does Nino think of her?

"D could give a lot of big names a run for their money," he said. "Of course there's a novelty element in the fact that she's a female but D's got everything she needs to success because she's professional and dedicated. Her biggest advantage is she really loves what she does and she practices hard."

It's DJ D who will take the title of first female r&b DJ to play in Canberra and because she has never played at a Mothership event, she is "looking forward to doing (her) thing" and showing the crowd a good time.

Of course, Mothership isn't a stranger to bringing new things to Canberra and promoter Chad Rajapakse believes the Babylon crowd will appreciate everything DJ D had to offer. "D has a style well suited to Canberra. Not only does she look comfortable behind the box but she can scratch and mix with the best of them so there's definitely substance behind the female factor," he said.

DJ D lands with the next Mothership at Babylon and Quatro on Sunday March 17

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