Steelo Magazine cover DJ D - feature in Blues & Soul Magazine 2005

Article Title: The Spin Doctors DJ D
Written by: Mark Devlin
Country of Publication: United Kingdom
Year: 2005

She's not dubbed 'Australia's number one female turntablist' for nothing! When Sydney-based Db> played her first gig at the age of ten, it was clear that something unstoppable had been set in place - a natural gift for mixing music, and an appreciation of the value of real entertainment.

It was the late 90s that D started investigating the art of turntablism. No surprise that this year saw her become the first female jock to grace the tables at the Technics DMC DJ Championships in Melbourne.

She's played alongside many of the big hip hop and urban artists that have performed in Oz, as well as overseas, from South Africa to Oman and Dubai.

But besides rocking clubs, D's interested in the possibilities of the media in general, and in '03 established her 1200 Degrees internet and tv programme, which led to the formation of a collective of like-minded performers ad artists.

Not enough? She's also a vocalist, producer, sound engineer, teacher and workpalce trainer... and she carries her own record boxes upstairs!

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