Steelo Magazine cover DJ D - feature in 3d world 2003

Article Title:Battle of the Sexes
Written by: Unknown
Location of Publication: Sydney
Year: 2003

A few years ago an event called XXL was launched at Shark Hotel, with some of Sydney's best R&B / hip hop DJs. The Club Joint Allstars were holding down the fort while special guests such as Lenno, Samrai and Nick Toth took to the turntables, there was even a breaks era but now bare witness to the innovators - the XXL crew brings you 'The battle of the sexes'.

Battling has always been an integral part of hip hop culture but when it comes to the opposite sexes, rivalry has always been extra heated. We pitted the boys against the girls to see what battle tricks they have in store, for the very special grand finale for XXL.

Samrai vs DJ DSamrai is on eof Australia's leading turntablists he will be taking on DJ D, a lady who is set to take Sydney by storm in the near future with some great skills and track selection.

Samrai spits out:Dirt Mcgirt - Pop ShitBusta Rhymes - Light your Ass On Fire Busta Rhymes - Call an ambulance Bow wow - Get DownNas - Nas Angels the flyest

DJ D comes out with a very different approach: "I like my classic hip hop, and with that I'll be dropping Mama Said Knock You Out LL Cool J, Check Yo Self by Ice Cube and some Black Sheep with Choice Is Yours and on a new tip... Move Bitchby Ludacris and WooHaa by Busta.

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