DJ D on the decks "DJ D is a testament to the power, passion and drive that a woman in the Australian hip-hop scene needs."
(3D World, 2005)

Recognised worldwide as Australia’s premiere female Turntablist, DJ D is a true veteran to the art of DJing and turntablism. With her reputable career as a DJ/Turntablist, DJ D played her first gig in 1988.

Industry Quotes

"D could give a lot of big names a run for their money... D's got everything she needs to succeed because she's professional and dedicated." (Nino Brown, 2002)

"D has a style well suited to Canberra. Not only does she look comfortable behind the box but she can scratch and mix with the best of them ." (Chad Rajapakse, 2002)

"...big shout out to our guest dj from sydney DJ D, she definitely tore up the decks, fantastic show!!" (On Point Promotions, 2004)

"Just when people thought things couldnt get any better the diva D stepped on stage. The 1st female artist to perform at a Parksyde show was a knock out. She had the crowd eating from the palm of her hand, and they continued to for the duration of her performance. Usually a DJ, D was now the lead singer and its clear she has a bright future ahead of her if this show is anything to go by." (Parksyde Entertainment, 2002)

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