DJ D on the decks "the first female jock to grace the tables at the DMC Championships in Melbourne."
(Blues & Soul Magazine England, 2005)

With a fascination of vinyl since her toddler years, thanks to her father's collection of 45s 78s & 33s, DJ D reminisces:
"I didn't have many toys as a child, so those bright coloured round labels really caught my attention. All stacked up like dominos out of their dust covers in one of those wire racks, my little hands would grab those thing like tasty pieces of candy" (DJ D, 2019).

Memories like this, and the fact that her sister sold vinyl at markets around Sydney, all helped shape and form DJ D's loved of vinyl:
"DJ D... had her first live gig at the wee age of 10 playing at a 21st birthday party! " (Muma, 2003)

It was moments like this that helped shape DJ D's future aspirations, one of those being to enter the Technics DMC DJ Cahmpionships.

"DJ D is a pioneer in the R&B scene - she's the first female DJ to hit it big... She's respected for applying the skills of the turntablist to R&B" (Inpress Melbourne, 2005)

Nationally DJ D placed 8th in Australia in the Technics DMC Championships in 2005, and 3rd in the NSW heats in 2015 as the only female competitor.

"She’s been holding it down for female DJ’s in the Sydney urban community for many years, melting wax with her whip fast beatmixes and juggles, taking it to the head alongside the best dj’s in the industry. Don’t get it twisted – behind that sweet and humble demeanour lies a fierce dj / turntablist that has so many tricks up her sleeve on the wheels of steel it will make a grown man cry!" (Ms Hennessey Speaks, 2016)

Below is a small collection of videos showcasing some of these moments and more. You can also check out more at the official DJ D youtube channel at

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